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Pretty Little Liars

Anonymous Asked:
I hope everything is alright. Missed you!

My answer:

I’ve missed all of you guys too! I’ve just been busy, but I’m hoping to make time to catch up on this blog and be more active VERY SOON ;)!

weareallalittlelovesick Asked:
Do you make Pretty Little Liars themes for tumblr? As in blog themes?

My answer:

Nope, sorry! I have no idea how to make themes at all :X 

Anonymous Asked:
I think Wilden is in the trunk because there are several uniformed cops shown standing around at the funeral. That is just my theory.

My answer:

I guess we’ll find out soon :)!

Anonymous Asked:
Apparently the red coat that Mona saw wasn't real and was a manifestation she created in her mind

My answer:

lol that is such a cop out. I really don’t think Mona is that crazy. 

Anonymous Asked:
About the male voice that pushed aria if the train I think it sounded like he had an English accent? Maybe Wren?

My answer:

I thought it was supposed to be Jason because of the stab wound he had, but it could be! Wren is very shady. 

Anonymous Asked:
I know Courtney is unwanted, but I'm 100% positive she exists because in The First Secret, there's a picture frame that holds three pictures, the first being Ali, Jason, and then Ali again. Plus there's something underneath it in French that says something about twins being double the trouble.

My answer:

Yep, unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that’s the route their taking. 

Anonymous Asked:
Imagine if A was sending the messeges to bring the girls together for Allisons return.

My answer:

But A has been around since before Alison died!! 

last-day-as-teens Asked:
I also agree with the fact that the twin plot would ruin any credibility of the story! I remember the vivid encounters the girls had with allison and how real they said it felt, I hope those were just hallucinations because, lets face it, How could any alli or courtney be walking around in rosewood with no one noticing?! I can deal with alli still being alive but a twin? please, don't

My answer:

EXACTLY!!! The twin theory, to me, just seems so cliche and a cop out. Like, really? An “evil twin” ??? It’s so corny. Let’s not forget that these are teenage girls. I don’t care how badass Alison was, she was a CHILD and children can only get away with so much. I still have a sliver of hope that the writers are not going to go with the twin theory simply because every time that any of the girls have “seen” Ali, they’ve been drugged or otherwise impaired in some way. Hanna seeing Ali in the finale meant nothing because of all the smoke and having just been knocked out. It’s very easy to be confused and disoriented in that situation. 

Got a secret.
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save.
Better lock it in your pocket,
taking this one to the grave.
If i show you,
then i know you wont tell what i said.
Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

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